Painting a home’s exterior walls, trim, and other surfaces will help protect your home from harsh Colorado weather, and brutal UV sun rays, from being at such a high elevation. Particularly damaging to your home in this mountain state is the ice and snow.

Moisture can enter cracks and weathered wood on the home, and when it freezes the moisture will expand and damage the siding of the home. If water gets in and dampness is sealed into the walls, it can also ruin insulation and encourage mold and rot in your home. This is why it is important to properly caulk and prep for a good paint job.

Whether it’s decks, garages, siding, doors or windows, you will want to make sure you’ve selected the right contractor to get the job done!

There is no such thing as a proper paint job without proper preparation. You must be sure to clean and prepare each surface before you paint. Old paint must be either scraped off, pressure washed, sanded, or chemically cleaned before painting. Holes and cracks caused by weathering or old age can allow moisture into your home that will cause water damage. JB MasterBuilder spares no expense in properly sealing your home before applying paint. We will caulk and seal all of the holes and cracks in your home, and we will also apply an oil based primer underneath each lap on your siding to stop moisture from absorbing into your home.

Taking the time to run straight lines, slow down in areas that require more detail, and switch to the proper tools for different surfaces makes all the difference on the finished product. We would much rather get a job done right the first time and have a satisfied customer, than blaze through the work and have to come back. We stand behind all of the products we use and the quality in labor we perform. We will do our part to transform your home into a masterpiece. We are so sure you will love your new paint job, JB MasterBuilder provides a 5 Year Workmanship Warranty with all total house repaints, In addition, we make sure to use a quality paint of which the manufacturer carries a 25 Year Product Warranty to protect you and your investment.

Some of Our Products


Delivers fresh curb appeal at a competitive price point. The 100% acrylic, waterborne formula features quick application.


SuperPaint is formulated with Advanced Resin Technology. It offers outstanding adhesion and color retention – resisting frost in cold conditions and resisting fading, chalking, peeling and blistering in hot and humid conditions.


For excellent durability and hide, use Duration® Exterior for one-coat convenience on repaints.


The latest breakthrough in paint technology from Sherwin-Williams, offering premium performance that stands the test of time.