Painting a home's exterior walls, trim and other surfaces will help protect your home from harsh Colorado weather, and brutal UV sun rays, from being at such a high elevation.


Gutters have such a simple job, yet such an important one. Shedding water away from your home correctly is crucial and can save you thousands in unnecessary costly repairs.

JB MasterBuilder makes a commitment  to overseeing your project from start to finish. We have a manager on the project every aspect of the way.

There are plenty of “hoops” to jump through for most restoration projects. Between dealing with the insurance company, and Homeowners Associations, to selecting the proper materials for the look of your home, it can be a bit of a headache.

JB Masterbuilder will be there with you 100% of the way through the restoration process! Our representative will help you with any questions and their phones are always on! They will be your personal project-manager!